Welcome to our blog dedicated to lovers of wine,extra virgin olive oil and everyone who enter to our site and want to know about our healthy and genuine products and our working methods.

We have decided to open this blog to make available to you our knowledge, the result of an experience that is passed on from generation to generation and from father to son, a love for our work that is transmitted to what we create, thanks also to the Exceptional fertility of our beloved Sicilian land.

We will show you the heart of our production and methods used in olive oil processing and you will see how much passion we put into our work.

Oil pressing in Santa Ninfa takes place at an extraction temperature not exceeding 27 °, to maintain the organoleptic characteristics and the nutritional and physical benefits of the extra virgin olive oil unaltered. The olives are prepared for processing and then goes to the milling to let the juice escape, at this stage we speak of oil pasta, a mixture of water, oil and solid parts.

The next step is to graft, that is, a kind of scrambling of the various components previously described to be able to separate them later. Finally oil extraction takes place, which separates the water and oil emulsion from the solid parts, ie from skins, kernels and pulp. The last step is real extraction.

By scrolling through the pages of our site you will find many other useful information about our farm, olive groves, and our work. We will also provide you with useful addresses to reach us by e-mail, phone or to visit our company. We look forward to it!